A serendipitous day in Taipei

I really should pay attention to landmarks. I spent far too long walking the wrong way today, all because I confused Metro exit 5 and 8.

National Palace Museum exhibit ok

But I also visited the National Palace Museum during the day and I’m writing this from a very nice bar I spotted while I was walking the wrong way.

When you travel, every mistake is an opportunity.

The museum is a must-see on any Taiwan itinerary.

It claims to be one of the top five museums in the world, and I can well believe it.

The gallery’s collection includes exquisite, priceless pieces from antiquity through to the modern era.

The bar is called The Brass Monkey, and it has a good vibe and some quality brews.

Update: the bar went a bit bad. After my second drink, I was ignored at the table, so I went to the bar to order another one, which never came. I paid and went. Disappointing.

Further update: I found a better bar called On Tap. Great beers, friendly and attentive service.

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