Dream flight to Brisbane

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of my favourite planes and it didn’t disappoint on my recent journey from Abu Dhabi to Brisbane. Neither did the Etihad Airlines service.

Etihad Boeing 787 (Etihad Airways)

In fact, the only hitch was a 15-minute delay at immigration at Abu Dhabi Airport, apparently because my passport lacked a stamp indicating that I had reentered the United Arab Emirates after my recent Gulf cruise.

While, I recently lost Etihad Guest Gold status for lack of activiy, I’m still a Silver member. That would have meant access to the smaller lounge at Abu Dhabi airport. However, because I had upgraded my ticket to business class, I got to revisit the superb business lounge, which was especially handy for departure at Gate 35 in Terminal 3.

I’ve written about the lounge before, so it’s sufficient to say that it is well located, welcoming and well kitted-out for travellers.

As always, the Dreamliner lived up to its name. Despite a spot of turbulence early in the flight, I managed to catch quite a few hours’ sleep in the comfy, fully flat bed.

I also caught up with the Star Wars film Rogue One, which I’d missed during its cinema run, and drank and ate very well — a little champagne before and after take-off, a nicely done steak with a French chardonnay for dinner, and an ¬†omelette with sausages, a croissant and¬†coffee for breakfast before touch down.

Service was professional and warm, but unobtrusive, and I managed to fly through immigration and customs at the other end, where my Etihad driver was waiting to provide a pleasant trip to my final destination in Brisbane.

Another five-star journey from an airline that, at least for me, always lives up to its good reputation.

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