Marmite, furry handcuffs and other carry-on essentials


I once was foolish enough to put a bottle of vodka — a gift from a Slavic friend — in my hand luggage, and it was confiscated by security at Gatwick Airport.

But is seems that booze isn’t the most popular item that people try to take onboard aircraft departing the United Kingdom.

According to this story — which also notes that large Marmite jars are being replaced with cabin-friendly versions at Luton — it’s snow globes.

The top 10 continues with:  jams and spreads, toiletries, jars of chutney and pickles, olive oil, wine, spirits, Marmite, Nutella, and (last but not least) furry handcuffs.

I can imagine that a combination of those items could lead to a wild weekend away.

PS: I also got held up at Customs in Brisbane because I had a plastic bag containing white powder. It was what was left of the coconut ice my English aunty had made for me.

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