Pulling up stumps

Updated March 7, 2017

The adventure is continuing. My travel plans not only include a cruise up and down the Arabian Gulf — which I’ve now completed and blogged about here and elsewhere — but relocating from the United Arab Emirates, which has been my base for the past five years.

I’m drifting off into the sunset

The immediate plan is to return to Australia in early May, and then consider my options (of which, I hope, I have several).  I won’t be  giving up travelling (or this blog), but I’ll be examining my priorities.

Anybody who seriously wants to engage with the world should always have the next destination, and the one after that, in mind.

It doesn’t necessarily mean overseas travel, it can be a journey of the mind — a skill you want to learn or hone, a relationship you want to devote time to, or a project you want to get done.

I’m not really an adventurous type, but I do have ambitions above and beyond my travel bucket list. It’s time to make some things happen.

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