Review: Cathay Pacific’s business lounges

In the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to do quite a bit of travel at the pointy end of the aircraft. And with that, of course, comes entry to business lounges at various airports.

In this post, I want to focus on Cathay Pacific’s excellent offerings in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

They share an East-meets-West ambience and attention to travellers’ comfort, connectability (through free wi-fi and USB and power plug-in points, of course), and fine food and drink.

Visitors can select from a small buffet of cold meats, snacks and salads, and make their own coffee from a very serviceable machine, or go for the full bar service and freshly cooked Asian and western meals.

You can sit at tables or benches, or relax in a range of comfort chairs (they obviously get it that not all people are designed the same way).

I have a soft spot for the lounge at Suvarnabhumi, where a two-hour flight delay was made all the more pleasant with a few Bangkok Bellinis (champagne, gin and passionfruit juice) under my belt, but it was The Bridge at Hong Kong that must surely rank among the world’s best airport lounges.  There’s also the Pier lounge, which was closer to my departure gate but slightly more modest in its scope, but the Bridge serves Cathay Pacific very well indeed as a home-port flagship business lounge.

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