Sailing solo

I’ve been asked: what’s it like to cruise solo?

Explorer of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)
Explorer of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)

I have taken a dozen cruises on my own, and I haven’t had a bad experience.

What you need to know it whether you are a “people person” or not. Are you happy to sit at a table with strangers for dinner, or would you rather be on your own? That’s going to make a big difference — but the bottom line is that, if you choose your cruise correctly, you can be happy either way.

On most cruises, there are plenty of activities that you can do on your own, and plenty of opportunities to join in with others.

Take some advice from a cruise agent and choose the type of ship that will suit you. If you are a loner, a bigger ship might be a good option — there are plenty of corners to hide away in and do your own thing, and you can go and eat on your own if you want to.

On a smaller ship, you’ll be forced to mingle, but that might not be a bad thing.

Don’t expect to meet the love of your life, but do try to be open to a conversation with everyone you meet. At the very least you’ll have a window into the lives of others.

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