No tolerance for violent drunks on planes

“I think [the airports] could do more. I think the retailers could do more as well.”

So says Phil Ward, managing director of Jet Blue, on the growing problem of violence and other disruption caused by drunks on planes.

At least Jet Blue has done something about the problem, by banning the sale of alcohol on its early morning flights. But, of course, thanks to bars and retail outlets at airports that operate 24-7, the offenders can already be in an ugly state before they get on board.

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Sober on the high seas

A Twitter follower recently posed me an interesting question that went a little like this: “I am a non-drinker, and I have always shied away from cruises because everybody on board seems to be drinking all the time.

One of many cruise-ship bars. Where to go if you don’t drink?

“Is there anything to do on a cruise if you don’t drink?”

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