BA flight caught short

The longest flight delay I have ever experienced* is 11 hours — waiting for a charter jet to take me from Glasgow to Malaga for a package holiday on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

A British Airways Boeing 777-200 (

The reason given was urgent repairs to the plane — which, to be honest, is fairly compelling and mitigates the boredom of being stuck at Glasgow airport for half a day. I’m not so sure how I would’ve reacted if the reason was that they forgot to load the toilet paper.

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London by any other name

Planning a flight to London? Well, as frequent travellers who’ve spent time and money to¬†travel in taxis, trains or buses already know, London’s two best-known airports are not actually in the English capital.


The Advertising Standards Agency in the UK has cleared an advertisement by London City Airport that claims it is the only airport that is actually in London, which means London Heathrow and London Gatwick are not.

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