It’s not Little London, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen

In Hollywood, when anybody is pitching a project, they have to brace for the inevitable question from the bean counters: “Yes, but what’s it like?”

And by that they mean that they want to know that the “new” thing is reassuringly similar to a film or television show that was popular and made  money. Now, it seems, that attitude is creeping into the way we view our cities — with negative consequences for residents and tourists alike.

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Five ‘off Broadway’ destinations that are well worth a visit

The problem with big cities is that it costs big bucks to visit them.

Sao Paulo cathedral ruins in Macau

Quite often, though, there are interesting places nearby where you’re in striking distance of the big smoke but able to save a little money and have a slightly different experience.

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Be alert to travel dangers

The terrible events in London have once again brought terrorism to the forefront.


Those who commit these acts choose their targets carefully: they want to disrupt the daily lives of residents and to persuade would-be visitors to stay away. Their aims are to inflict immediate damage and to create long-term economic harm.

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The world’s favourite cities

Which city is the favourite with tourists? Well, it depends which source you believe.

Hong Kong’s water reservoir

Hong Kong is — again — the most popular city with tourists, according to the latest survey, which notes that London has been overtaken for second place by Bangkok.

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London by any other name

Planning a flight to London? Well, as frequent travellers who’ve spent time and money to travel in taxis, trains or buses already know, London’s two best-known airports are not actually in the English capital.


The Advertising Standards Agency in the UK has cleared an advertisement by London City Airport that claims it is the only airport that is actually in London, which means London Heathrow and London Gatwick are not.

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Savour the serendipity

On my first ever solo overseas adventure, I happened to be allocated a seat on a Boeing 747 next to the friend of a friend.

The sky train (BTS) in Bangkok
The sky train (BTS) in Bangkok

We went our own ways in London, but ran into each other in the streets of Bloomsbury just two days later.

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