It’s time for a inquiry into internet data roaming prices

Telstra, the Australian telecommunications giant, has just announced a A$10-a-day roaming package for travellers to 57 countries.

Before we break out the champagne to celebrate such a groundbreaking deal, can I be allowed to point out — in fact, shout out — that this is still outrageous and unacceptably high given what’s on offer?

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Phones on a plane!

Some of us get nervous if we’re not connected to our mobile devices. Others dream of an escape to a place where there are no phones and no internet.

The phone has come a long way since 1926. (Wikipedia)

If you’re in the latter category, you know that 30,000 feet above the ground is no longer one of those places. And it’s going to get worse.

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Where to find the best 4G

Where in the world would you expect to get the better 4G mobile coverage: Romania or Great Britain?

4G or 3G? That is the question

The answer might surprise you: it’s not Britain, According to the National Infrastructure Commission, the United Kingdom has worse coverage than Romania, Peru and Panama.

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