Forget their looks or size, all cabin crew deserve our support

Just when you thought the era of the “trolley dolly” was over, one airline has cottoned on to the idea that sex sells, and another stands accused of discrimination against a cabin crew member management described as “fat, ugly and old”.

(VietJet Facebook page)

None of which, in my opinion and that of the crew member herself, are relevant to her core duties: to assist passengers throughout the flight and, especially, if there is an emergency.

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Be alert to travel dangers

The terrible events in London have once again brought terrorism to the forefront.


Those who commit these acts choose their targets carefully: they want to disrupt the daily lives of residents and to persuade would-be visitors to stay away. Their aims are to inflict immediate damage and to create long-term economic harm.

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Passengers are powerless

Another week, another horror story about customer service on airlines. This time it’s about a woman who says she was told by United Airlines cabin crew to urinate in a cup.


Of course, there are different ways to interpret the story, but it does — once again — highlight an important issue: exactly how much control airline crew have over their passengers.

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The safest way to fly


Although airline incidents are rare, and flying is statistically much safer than driving, we all sometimes have concerns when we fly.

And the winner is … (

I know a few people who refuse to fly with certain airlines because of a past incident or a belief that there is a greater risk of an accident.

So lists like that of the world’s safest airlines are eagerly read.

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