Back to the future

While the prospect of supersonic flight intrigues me, I’m not so sure I’d want to fly on an aircraft called Boom.


But it seems that Boom, a company founded by former Amazon executive Blake Scholl, will be the first to make  affordable ultrafast commercial flight available.

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What’s in a name?

A Virgin Australia aircraft
A Virgin Australia aircraft (

A harmless case of mistaken identity, or a security nightmare? The story of two women with similar names who were assigned the same boarding pass is certainly cause for consideration.

As reports, two women — one named Michelle Cheung and the other Michelle Cheng — both had passes for the same seat on a Virgin Airlines flight from Perth to Sydney.

It turned out that one of them was in fact a Qantas customer who had somehow received a Virgin boarding pass, and had had her bags stowed on the Virgin plane. Luckily, it was sorted out on the ground before take-off.

Now, I’m sure both airlines are worried about how this could happen, and are taking measures to avoid a repetition.

I was in a similar situation on a KLM flight from Mumbai to Amsterdam many years ago, when another man came along with a boarding pass for the seat I was already occupying.

The solution then was to upgrade me to business class (as I’d paid a full-price fare and the other chap was on a discounted ticket), which I certainly didn’t mind.

Security wasn’t so high on my personal worry list back then, but I think I really would be uncomfortable if the same thing happened today.