Considering a cruising career?

I once wanted to work on a cruise ship; part of me still does. What’s not to like about working on board a ship; to get paid to see the world, with accommodation, food and drinks thrown in?

Vision of the Seas

Well, there are quite a few things to think about if you are considering taking the leap into the world of hospitality and entertainment on the high seas.

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Secrets of the sea

One of my favourite activities onboard a cruise ship is the question-and-answer session with the captain and senior officers. Not every cruise line does it, but Royal Caribbean does on at least some of its ships, and it’s called Captain’s Corner.

On my cruise aboard Vision of the Seas, I learned — or was reminded of — quite a few “fun facts” about that particular ship and cruising in general in a session hosted by Captain Marek Slaby.

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Breaking free at sea

I broke one of my own rules. I decided this time that I would not spend money while at sea when I’m cruising.

4Ever plus one

The idea was to pay for everything in advance — and get the applicable discouts — then pretend to be having a free holiday (Hey, it works for me. I certainly got a good deal on the internet, paying about $5 a day less than I would had I bought it on board).

But I found one thing I couldn’t resist. Well, two actually.

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Everything is ship-shape

It’s 10 days until I board the Vision of the Seas in Dubai for my week-long Arabian Gulf adventure.

Vision of the Seas (

As I write, I have completed all the formalities I need to rock up to Port Rashid and board the vessel. As long as I remember a few things …

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My cruise update

My next holiday adventure is a cruise on the Vision of the Seas from Dubai, up and down the Arabian Gulf, and back to Dubai for a week beginning February 20.

Vision of the Seas (

I paid the “all-inclusive” price more than a month ago, but today I’ve bought some extras — a drinks package and internet access (which comes at a discount if you buy it before you sail).

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My next cruise is booked

I’ve just booked another cruise — a seven-day trip up and down the Arabian Gulf from Dubai in February — and it’s given me the opportunity to revisit the booking process and offer some, hopefully useful, tips.

Vision of the Seas (

As I’ve written before, it’s often more expensive for solo travellers to take cruises because a single supplement — let’s not call it a “no-friends tax” — often applies.

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