The taxi driver who’s laying down the law to passengers

Social media in Thailand has gone a little crazy over a sign in a taxi setting down rules for passengers.

The Bangkok cabbie and his rules. (From Radio JS100 on Facebook).

According to this report, the Thai-language sign comprises a list of “don’ts”, including don’t chew toffee, don’t have the volume up when playing games on smartphones, and don’t spray perfume or powder in the cab.

The rather cutting missive notes: “Please be considerate. You are all adults. If you don’t start being considerate first, don’t expect others to be. Bangkok also has buses.”

Many people who took to a radio station’s Facebook page to comment agreed with the taxi driver’s list of rules.

But one of the passengers set out some rules of their own, saying: “… we prohibit taxi drivers from talking about politics and from rejecting passengers, from hanging garlands, from turning on loud music, from talking over the phone, from bursting anger at other cars, from using old cars”.

Touché, taxi driver.

Does anybody have any pet peeves about taxis? Share them with me here or on social media.

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