Why I’m taking a break from blogging

Upwards and onwards

I was in a bar in Shanghai some time ago, talking to an American guy about blogging. He said something like: “It’s great, as long as it’s not distracting you from what you really want to do.” The more I think about it, the more I realise that there are other creative projects that I want to try, and that the pressure of “feeding the beast” that this blog has become is stopping me from doing that. Writing about life can take away the joy of living it. There’s not a lot of reward for simply being (or trying to be) clever in a line or two. So, after two years of PlaneSailing, I’m going to stop blogging, at least for a while, and cut back on my social-media use while I focus on the next chapter. The existing content will remain here, and I may still add and refer to it on occasions. But for now at least, it’s time to wish you all happy travels.
Brett Debritz

3 thoughts on “Why I’m taking a break from blogging”

  1. That’s a pity because I have enjoyed your blogs. I can understand how it can dominate your life so I wish you well in your other endeavours. Enjoy your break from the sometimes scourge of social media.

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