The best travel videos

Here’s  a selection of fun and fabulous travel videos from around the world — some of them amateur, some commercial. All of them, I hope, will make you want to jump on a plane or a boat straight away. Copyright, of course, remains with the creators.

BA’s Comic Relief safety video.

Teemu Jarvinen created this stunning timelapse video of Dubai in Winter.

This one by Ari Fararooy is from a few years ago, but it’s hilarious:

Norway is planning to bypass dangerous seas around the fjords by carving the world’s first tunnel for cruise liners and other ship traffic. Here’s a video explaining the project (in Norwegian, I’m afraid, but you can get the gist).

An oldie but a goodie: a BBC TV promo for its natural history shows featuring David Attenborough.

A “hyperlapse” video from Lytchee TV that crams six months of travel around Asia into about two minutes.

Some magical mayhem at the British Post Office’s Travel Money bureau in London Bridge,

Morgan Freeman adds his inimitable style to this February 2017 Turkish Airlines ad.

A new (January 28, 2017) inflight safety video from Qantas featuring some spectacular Australian locations.


From P&O about its new entertainment offering:

For the nostalgia buffs, a video, introduced by Adam Hills and featuring John Travolta, to celebrate 90 years of crew uniforms at Qantas, one of the world’s oldest commercial airlines.

I like this one because, unlike so many travel clips, it features a more mature cast — travel is for everybody but sometimes you get the feeling it’s only for teens in swimsuits — and it is rich in detail. Also, I’m interested in Morocco.

One from my home state of Queensland, Australia:

Ronan Keating reworks Winter Wonderland for an antipodean audience in this Air New Zealand viral:

One from Jogi’s Island — taken by a friend of mine who flew a drone over Zanzibar.

Seasonally themed 2014 Delta airlines air-safety video.

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